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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a visualisation system for real-time monitoring, supervisory control and automated control of production processes. It can help industrial organisations to maintain efficiency, process data for improved decision making, and communicate system issues to help reduce downtime.

The position of SCADA within the ISA-95 functional hierarchy is level 0, 1, 2 Process Control Systems on the factory floor. Communication of plant floor equipment data is established by connecting to a Level 2 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which then processes and displays the real-time data in a Distributed Control System (DCS) or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software, to help operators and management to analyse the data to make informed decisions.

SCADA systems can be connected to higher level MES systems for exchanging plant floor data, and while they may include some MES functionalities such as real-time data collection and visibility of downtime issues, SCADA does not have full MES functionality. MES is designed to collect both real-time and historical data, covering a much broader area than the production floor, extending to performance, quality and maintenance functions.

The benefits of using a SCADA system include:

Cimlogic integrate Ignition SCADA and GE Cimplicity SCADA solutions. We are proud to be Gold Certified Integrator of the Ignition SCADA platform and a registered solution provider of GE Cimplicity SCADA.


Our team of expert control system engineers, system integrators and project managers are committed to providing total satisfaction and implementing effective SCADA systems through tried and tested processes. We listen to your needs and make considerations from both an engineering/technical and business perspective.

Our services can include project feasibility studies and pre-sales support, with recommendations for the best solutions, helping you choose the right system for your needs.

We follow a fully structured and documented internal quality control system (ISO 9001:2015 certified), adaptable to GAMP standards with the development of URS, FDS, and efficient change management. This provides complete visibility for you and highlights any issues at the initial stages of the project which otherwise may get overlooked. It also means that you know what to expect throughout the project lifecycle giving you the confidence to leave your requirements safely in our hands. Our technical masters will provide innovative and secure SCADA solutions according to your timescale, quality expectations and budget.

We ensure that you get the most appropriate and effective SCADA system for your needs by adhering to the following project elements:


The entire project team are on hand to support you throughout the whole project lifecycle, to help you get the maximum ROI from your system. No matter what help you need with your new SCADA software, we can offer support with issues such as:

We understand that when implementing systems and software minimum disruption to the production process is vital, so we give you a central point of contact through your dedicated project manager and a guarantee that we’ll deliver what we promise when we promise it.

Ignition SCADA Brochure - Inductive Automation

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GE Cimplicity SCADA Brochure

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