Data Analytics


Collecting data on its own without context is of limited use. Knowing that you made 350 cases yesterday is interesting, knowing how many you made each hour becomes more interesting. Adding other dimensions like the product type or shift then really starts to bring to life the possibility for accelerated improvement. Here you are answering the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’ type questions.

Now that you have quality information based on real-time data collection, you are ready to start the real work and start to answer the ‘why’ type questions. Why are your batch times so irregular? Why does one product perform better than another on the same line? Cimlogic can assist in bringing insight to the things that are very hard to see using analytical tools and manufacturing expertise, making sense of the data and providing insight into your operations.

Through data analysis, Cimlogic can provide you with the steps needed to be taken in order to improve. Cimlogic has a wealth of knowledge, working with the best manufacturing minds to fix the root causes of your issues. Sometimes this is a technical fix, but it is often related to poor processes, a misunderstanding of why things are being done a certain way and inconsistent approaches. Cimlogic can close the loop on data, information and knowledge, allowing you to be a world-class performer leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies.

Data Analysis

The Data Pyramid Approach is our core manufacturing improvement methodology, we will assess your operations, and provide valuable insight on achieving Operational Excellence through the transformation of Data into Information, Information into Knowledge, and Knowledge into Wisdom.



The Data Pyramid Approach

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