Cimlogic participate in Bradford Manufacturing Weeks to attract young people into the manufacturing sector

Cimlogic hosted a student workshop and talk during Bradford Manufacturing Weeks to inspire, encourage and educate young people about the opportunities for a rewarding career in manufacturing.

Launched by Bradford Chamber of Commerce, the initiative brings manufacturers, schools and colleges together through work experience, factory tours and seminars held at manufacturing premises and key locations across the Bradford district.

Sixth Form Computer Science students from Titus Salt School in Saltaire visited Cimlogic office for a talk and workshop. The talk introduced the students to digital technologies and Industry 4.0 practices within manufacturing. The group then took part in an interactive game, where they were asked to write code, record data and optimise a simulation to run Cimlogic’s production line conveyor unit.

Mike Sendrove, Faculty Leader, Mathematics and STEM Coordinator at Titus Salt School said: “Cimlogic put together an activity which really helped our computer scientists gain an insight into the role of computer science in this particular industry sector - this was a valuable exercise which helped our students to be informed when making decisions regarding their future career options. At this stage in their academic careers, many of our students have decided on future areas of study but are often not aware of options following higher education. Organisations such as Cimlogic can give useful insights into industrial applications of their learning and so can help students to be more informed when deciding which path they wish to pursue. With the increasing cost of higher education, more and more students are looking towards degree level apprenticeships as a viable option for further education, and exposure to as many industrial areas as possible is becoming more and more important to young people”.

The second event was a talk presented to a group of Shipley College Software Development students, discussing how software development and digital skills fit in the manufacturing sector. The audience participated in a question and answer session directed at a panel of Cimlogic employees, including an ex-Shipley College Student, Brandon Parkinson. The students were highly engaged with the topic and asked the panel numerous questions about their education, work experience and what it's like working in the manufacturing industry.

Following the talk, Shipley College Students commented: “I didn't realise how much software had to do with this industry and it has really opened my eyes to the jobs in digital manufacturing, with opportunities to progress up the career ladder. I can see how what I am learning at college could be used in large businesses such as Amazon and this has got me really interested”.

“I learnt the importance of efficiency in manufacturing, the role software developers play in a manufacturing company and the current improvements that are being made to the manufacturing process in the fourth industrial revolution”.

In the future, Cimlogic will continue to work with local schools and colleges to help promote fulfilling and successful careers in manufacturing.

Steve Wilkinson, Chief Technical Officer at Cimlogic also added: “Cimlogic are very pleased to be involved in such a fantastic initiative. Our goal is to educate young people about the career prospects in manufacturing and to share our experiences with the future workforce. Manufacturing can be perceived as a very dull, labour intensive industry, which is far from the truth. The sector is evolving rapidly, as manufacturers embrace digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Big Data Analytics, so it's such an exciting time to join the sector. As a local company that works with UK and global manufacturers, we are very proud to support the future growth of manufacturing”.

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Images Show:

Titus Salt School students using their code to run the conveyor unit at the Cimlogic workshop.

Titus Salt School students at Cimlogic

Steve Wilkinson, CTO at Cimlogic presenting to Shipley College students at the Centre of Excellence for Business in Victoria Hall, Saltaire.

Cimlogic talk at Shipley College

Cimlogic employees and Shipley College students outside Victoria Hall. Front left to right Cimlogic employees; Melanie Scott (Marketing Manager), Brandon Parkinson (Graduate Software Developer), Steve Wilkinson (CTO) and Chris Mackellar (Control Systems Engineer). Shipley College students and tutor to the rear.

Cimlogic and Shipley College students