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Cimlogic offer complete manufacturing improvement solutions and support to improve efficiency and maximise productivity; ensuring optimum performance and fast ROI.  A systems integrator with a wide range of technology partners, Cimlogic use the ‘best of the best’ technologies to build rapid and robust solutions.

Cimlogic can support you to:

Cimlogic firmly believes that Industry 4.0 technologies which are now emerging can be viable for all manufacturers, regardless of size, current technology or budget.
Cimlogic help you establish the root causes, then support you in managing and alleviating issues such as:

The focus of our business is driving World-Class Manufacturing through Operational Excellence (OpEx); Operational Technology (OT); Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Manufacturing Data Analytics, backed by comprehensive Operational Support services.
Cimlogic’s impeccable reputation for customer retention is earned through exceptional customer service, project delivery and solutions that deliver on expectations and investment.

The industries we work in: 
                 Pharmaceutical              Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)                Chemical and Petrochemical              Animal Nutrition and Agriculture              Automotive
     Food and Beverage                       Pharmaceutical                Consumer Packaged Goods         Chemical/Petrochemical        Animal Nutrition/Agriculture             Automotive


Your Goals

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Complete Manufacturing Execution System (MES) consultancy: design, implementation, analysis and support services.

Cimlogic is able to build robust solutions, continually exploring ways to improve your manufacturing processes, ensuring optimum performance and fast ROI.

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With strong technology partnerships, Cimlogic selects the ‘best of the best’ software products and solutions to drive manufacturing productivity.

For small, medium or large enterprises, Cimlogic provides support and a range of market-leading MES, OEE, SCADA and PLC systems to suit the unique needs of its customers.

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