Driving Manufacturing Productivity

About Us

Valuable solutions are not just about technology, they are about people and processes too. Cimlogic drives world-class Manufacturing through Operational Excellence (OpEx); Operational Technology (OT); Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) solutions, and Data Analytics, backed by comprehensive Operational Support.

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Your Goals

<ul> <li>Have you hit capacity constraints?</li> <li>Do you want to reduce downtime?</li> <li>Would you like to measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)?</li> <li>Would you like to automate your manufacturing processes?</li> <li>Whatever your goals are, Cimlogic will work with you to optimise processes, drive productivity and ultimately increase your bottom line.</li> </ul>

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Cimlogic offers a complete Manufacturing Execution System (MES) consultancy; design; implementation; analysis and support service; providing simple solutions, ensuring optimum performance and fast ROI. Cimlogic is able to build robust solutions, continually exploring ways to improve your manufacturing processes.

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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Many companies routinely hit capacity constraints and immediately consider adding overtime for existing workers, hiring workers for a new shift, or buying a new line. The first step should be to optimise the performance of your existing lines.

The MES solution TrakSYS™ helps manufacturers to significantly improve asset utilisation and efficiency; reduce production costs; decrease lead time and waste, and deliver the bottom-line results.

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small-to-medium enterprises

Industry 4.0 technologies are enabling SMEs to play catch-up with their global counterparts. Traditional barriers to technology such as cost, implementation and maintenance are becoming a distant memory.

Going paperless can help achieve new levels of performance improvements such as improved quality, efficiency, visibility, compliance and traceability, along with a reduction in waste. Replacing paper-based systems also enables management to drill down into historical data needed for product recalls and compliance issues. Electronic systems enable full visibility of operations, allowing business decisions to be made, driven by facts.

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